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TM Bridges will contribute to your Value Creation by:


• Bridging the gaps between science and clinical utility and minimize the number of projects lost in translation.


• Unleashing the full potential of YOUR scientific data by applying Translational Medicine thinking to your project management.


• Together with YOU develop communication strategies that are specifically designed to meet YOUR particular needs and which appeal to your prescribers, payers and patients, as appropriate.

The training programs provided by TM Bridges are built on personal insights and are primarily workshop-based. In addition, we provide personalized coaching, plenary lectures and web solutions as needed.


TM Bridges provides training in:


• Translational Medicine strategies - drug development from idea to launch

• Target Product Profiling and Target Validation from a clinical perspective

• Risk Management and Project Prioritization

• Unmet Medical Needs and added values – where are the gaps?

• Market Access Tools put into practice - including Payers Value Propositions

• Stakeholder Management and Communication



• To develop YOUR Translational Medicine skills and provide you with tools

• To apply YOUR new insights directly to existing projects

• To monitor the impact on YOUR projects through tangible KPIs

The first step in building a relationship with your stakeholder is to create awareness of your concept, what you would like to achieve, and your plan.


If you do this successfully you have created an interest in learning more.


TM Bridges have broad experience from:


• Creating, rolling out and monitoring targeted Awareness and Educational Programs for various groups of stakeholders.

• Developing special Training Programs for Speakers and Key Advocates.

• Strategically package presentations and scientific information to audiences such as key opinion leaders, peer-reviewed journals, lay-audiences and regulatory authorities with emphasis on bridging science and clinical values.

The output from Advisory Boards is frequently not in proportion of the efforts and money spent on them. Thus, there is most often room for improvement.


TM Bridges have extensive experience from organizing Advisory Boards and are prepared to provide you with the support you need, as regards:


• Laying down the Advisory Board objectives and the expected output

• Topics YOU would like to address. Key questions.

• Selecting stakeholders based on their probability to address your needs

• Background research on the topics and information on all invitees

• Agenda and format of the meeting, including preparations - workshop(s)?

• Conclusions; actions, commitments and follow-up

The objective of a publication plan is to translate and leverage your scientific findings and create a range of credible publications which contain the right information and messages to the right audience at the right time, in order to support your product claims and positioning.


TM Bridges are prepared to support you in getting your messages across and provide the following services:


• Manuscripts for peer-reviewed pre-clinical and clinical journals

• Review articles

• Press releases

• Scientific meeting presentations

• Launch preparations

• Web content

• Educational material for different target groups

• Promotional material - translating scientific information to targeted groups


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