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Networking, networking, networking...

Over the latest decade the range of relevant stakeholders has become broader. Importantly, THEIR needs will define YOUR opportunities and risks.


To effectively communicate and get through with YOUR messages the content of the stakeholder communication must not only be correct and balanced but also relevant and tailored to their specific interests.


To establish a constructive dialogue on mutual values with your stakeholders you first need to understand where they come from.


TM Bridges are prepared to assist you in gaining a good understanding of your stakeholders thinking and priorities and how to establish mutually constructive professional relationships of added value to both parties.

The Life Science Industry is facing challenging times where company credibility and good stakeholder relations become increasingly important.


Meanwhile the stakeholder landscape has changed, with the power balance shifting from leading physicians and thought leaders to regulatory decision-makers and health care payers.


By addressing your stakeholder relations in a systematic way TM Bridges will, in collaboration with YOUR Team, be able to deliver:


• A helicopter view of the Stakeholder landscape, depicting the key trends, major threats and opportunities.


• Thorough Stakeholder Maps, including major decision-makers/ decision bodies and important inter-relationships at a central and/or regional level.


•Selections of key stakeholders particularly important for you to gain Regulatory Approval, Market Access and Clinical Endorsement.

A good picture of the stakeholder landscape and your key influencers and decision-makers makes you better prepared to gain the insights needed. TM Bridges will assist you in getting the most out of your relationships.


TM Bridges Stakeholder Action Plan


• Define clear meeting objectives and deliverables for each meeting/contact

• Gain an understanding of your stakeholder’s current views and the underlying rationale.

• Develop an Engagement plan and establish a dialogue based on trust

• Keep track on the progress made and secure internal transparency


TM Bridges will be able to provide YOU with a web-based tool to

 pragmatically develop YOUR stakeholder network and engagement plan.

• Stakeholders are partners in achieving shared goals. Based on mutual values, interests and beliefs many stakeholders will consequently also be prepared to publically support your concept as advocates.


• Building sustainable relationships with stakeholders who directly or indirectly are involved in Regulatory Approval, Market Access decisions and Clinical Endorsement at a global level or at a country level is a fine balance and needs to be built on mutual understanding, credibility, integrity and trust.


• Stakeholder commitments span over a broad range of activities, and must hence be mapped and coordinated across different stakeholder communities


TM Bridges are prepared to help you maximize the value of your contacts.


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