Welcome to TM Bridges

TM Bridges stands for Translational Medicine Bridges B.V., which is an independent international Life Sciences consultancy company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Fredrik Lonnqvist Fredrik Lonnqvist, M.D., Ph.D. Managing Director Translational Medicine Bridges B.V.


Translational Medicine represents a paradigm shift in biomedical research bridging research and clinical science. It is increasingly recognized that integrating clinical and commercial thinking from the very start of the R&D process is crucial to maximize the chances for Market Access and clinical success.


Business leaders know where they want to go but they do not always get there. To deliver strategy YOU must share a goal and work cross-functionally. This requires a coordinated decision-making framework, performance indicators to ensure you stay on track and not the least a Translational Medicine culture.


TM Bridges will provide you with translational insights, innovative thought leadership and tools to successfully take you from early innovation to added values to patients, prescribers and payers.


All activities of TM Bridges will be client-driven. YOUR goals will become our goals. YOUR stakeholders will become our stakeholders. Our solutions will be tailored to meet YOUR specific needs.


TM Bridges execute consulting assignments in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Medical Nutrition.


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